Posted by Jessica on 15th Jun 2022

Summertime is a good time to slow down and enjoy the amazing weather we get here in upstate NY.  With most schools coming to an end for the year around here, there are a lot of activities and celebrations this time.   The days are longer and warmer and we’re reminded to soak up what our area has to offer.  

Chicory farm is in the middle of a big transition and I wanted to take this time to really dive in and connect to my new customers.   It’s a good time to pause and really immerse myself in this business and company Sara created.

I have always dreamed of owning my own business and in fact have owned a successful one prior to buying Chicory Farm. I started my entrepreneurship venture making hand crafted party supplies over 10 years ago.  This was because we were thinking of starting a family and I wanted to raise my kids as a stay at home mom.  I ended up starting the business and it exploded.  I was also nannying at the time and working every night at the business.  I loved being able to hand craft party decor and personalize it.   You can’t go to Party  City and have completely custom decor.  That business gave me a good start into what was needed to run my company.

I ended up closing that business just after our son was born, because being a mom ended up being more hands on and my son needed more of me than anticipated.   I was able to stay home with him all the way until he started kindergarten last fall.

Last fall I found myself wanting to get back to what I loved and the opportunity came up to buy this company.  Over the last few years of being a mom and the pandemic I have found myself wanting to be more aware of the products we use and where items come from.   Being a mom has made me open my eyes and really want to be more green and simple and slow down.  I want to expand the great company Sara started and really focus on bringing eco conscious soaps and body care (and maybe home care) to like minded people.  

This summer we plan to learn anything and everything we can on herbs and essential oils.   I believe they have amazing properties and that combined with natural simple ingredients we can create a beautiful brand that reflects my passions and interests.

I hope to grow the brand and am excited to see where it goes from here.  There has been a lot moe to this than anticipated, but I’m here and  

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